Clean2Touch works in all that time in-between cleanings

Clean2Touch - Inhibits Microbes 24/7 Without Chemicals or Metals

At Clean2Touch our mission is to support and heighten the positive emotional experience of  families, businesses, employees and their customers by reducing their exposure to disease causing germs when touching public surfaces.

Our anti-microbial shields inhibits microbes on a molecular level. The surface of our products are infused with a bed of nano-sized needles.  These needles are so small they are about 1,000 times thinner than a sheet of paper and you can’t feel them with your finger. When a microbe lands on the shield’s surface these nano-needles pierce their cell wall and “pop” them. A popped cell means it can’t divide, replicate, grow, or get away!

Our germ inhibiting technology is a mechanical process which means:

  • It acts immediately
  • It works consistently
  • It works 24/7 for up to 90 days
  • It works in daylight and In the dark, unlike other products.
  • No chemicals nor harmful metals used like others, which will ultimately end up in our environment.
  • Its 99.9% effective at inhibiting the growth of microbes!
  • No Super Germs! – Unlike chemicals or sprays, germs are not able to become resistant to a physical death, so our products do not contribute to the risk of creating “super germs” that can be highly resistant to existing medicines.
  • Clean2Touch is 100% safe to touch and the anti-microbial surface is approved by the EPA.
  • Made entirely in the USA!