What is Clean2Touch?

Clean2Touch offers an EPA registered anti-microbial that is embedded upon the surface of specially formulated stickers.  The surface of these stickers prevents the growth and spread harmful microbes.  The nano anti-microbial surface starts to work upon contact and continues to work to keep the surface sanitized 24/7.  A natural and efficient addition to the safe environment cleaning protocols for businesses. Awareness generates return customers. Unlike chemical cleanings where a customer has no idea if a location has been recently cleaned, Clean2Touch stickers are a highly visible way to make customers and visitors feel secure in knowing the surface is Clean2Touch.  The stickers are made for a wide range of doors, handles, touch-screens, elevator buttons and a cut to size option for all other shapes. Clean2Touch products are made and manufactured in the United States.  Offer your customers a way to win more business in these difficult times while easily keeping their environments safe with Clean2Touch 24/7 self sanitizing surfaces.

Reasons To Become a Distributor

  • A Unique Product with a low price point and high demand
  • An easy to understand sell! Stop microbial growth on high touch surfaces 24/7!
  • A necessary addition for business’ healthy environment protocol
  • The only USA Made Self-Sanitizing Surface In the Market
  • Reliable supply chain as we are the manufacturer
  • Consistent quality with our 50 years experience
  • High margin, low shipping cost product for distributors
  • Fast delivery from our central US HQ in Indiana